ZHONGKE HS150 Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


- Hand held structure, beautiful designed, firm, good sealing performance, with strong anti-interference ability.
- TFT color display, with 100% display linearity, and is not influenced by environmental interference.
- High quality circuit system, stable and reliable performance.
- High-precision positioning, positioning, to solve the long distance positioning error.
- Real-time detection, positive and negative detection wave and RF wave display.
- Excellent wide band amplifier, and automatic calibration. With good near field resolution ability.
- Simple, strong operating function, English prompt, dialogue operation, practical and easy to learn.
- Detection range stepless regulation function.
- Gate location alarm, double gate failure wave alarm function, suitable for the completion of different types of testing tasks.
- Dynamic defect envelope description.
- Amplitude curve is automatically drawn according to standard. And can move up and down freely.
- Automatic calibration of the zero point of the probe and the K value of the angle probe (refractive index) testing.
- Flexible clutter suppression control function. Does not affect the gain, linear.
- Automatic fast sensitivity adjustment function. Improve the detection speed.
- Automatic wave crest tracking search function. Improve detection accuracy.
- With the function of describing the nature of the defect peak point trajectory envelope.
- The near field zone is small, can sheet and pipe inspection.
- RS232C interface, the communication function and printing function of the test data transmitted with the computer. Realization of computer management of ultrasonic flaw detector.
- Preset 10 groups of testing parameters.
- Can store 300 flaw echo, curve and data.

Technical parameters Working mode: single detector, twin flaw detection
Scanning range: Zero interface incident to 6000mm steel longitudinal wave
Sampling frequency / Number: 150MHz/8bits
Detection mode: full detection, positive and negative detection, radio wave display
Operating frequency: 0.5MHz ~ 20MHz (bandwidth optional: 0.5-4MHz, 2-8MHz, 0.5MHz-20MHz)
Equivalent input noise of each frequency band: < 15%
Attenuator precision: < + 1dB/12dB
Gain adjustment: 110dB (0.1dB, 2dB, 6dB step, fully automatic regulation)
Sound speed range: (100 ~ 20000) m/s
Dynamic range: 30dB
Vertical linear error: less than 3%
Horizontal linear error: less than 0.1%
Resolution: > 40dB (5N14)
Sensitivity: > 60dB (deep 200mm Phi 2 flat bottom holes)
Digital suppression: (0 ~ 80)%, does not affect the linearity and gain
Power supply, voltage: DC (DC) 7.2V + 10%; AC (AC) 220V + 10%
Working time: 5 hours of continuous work (lithium battery power supply)
Ambient temperature: (-10 ~ 40) C (reference value)
Relative humidity: (20 ~ 95)% RH
Exterior dimension: 200 x 138 x 60 (mm)
Standard configuration of HS150 instrument: 1. Host 1 SET
2. Line probe (Q9-Q9) 2 PIECES
3 Power charger 1 PIECE
4. Lithium battery 1 PIECE
5. Battery charging connection cable 1 PIECE
6.Portable communication driver 1 SET
7.Software operation with a communication line 1 SET
8. Instruments a suitcase 1 PIECE
9.Manual, certificate, warranty card each one

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