ZHONGKE HS610e Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


A. General
High light TFT screen; background color and brightness can be set according to environment; clear display under high-light or low-light environment. Digital knob realize one-bottom operation High performance lion-battery for longtime work.

B. Pulse
Amplitude: selectable within 200V, 300V, 400V, suitable for wide range of probe Duration: 100ns~300ns adjustable with step of 2ns, to match different frequency probe Damp match: 51Ω,150Ω,200Ω,400Ω, meet requirements of different sensitivity and resolution Probe mode: dual or single transducer .

C. Testing range

D. Signal condition
High speed sampling: 150MHz sampling rate Rectify mode: dual, plus, minus and RF wave display Gates: single gate, dual gates, hold peak within full screen waveform or hold peak within gate Gain: Setting by step 0.1dB, 1dB, 2dB or 6dB; Gain can be automatically set according to echo amplitude

E. Alarm
Sound and light alarm according to the amplitude compared with DAC in gate

F. Data saving
50 sets of testing parameters can be calibrated and preset. User can preset the testing parameters according to the testing standards for various industries; and the testing parameters can be saved, recalled, edited, printed and sent to PC easily. 1000 sets of testing waveform and data can be saved, recalled, printed, and sent to PC easily.

G. Other function
Hold the peak and peak time
Calculate the equivalent diameter of defects
Record and replay the dynamic testing waveform
Locating defect with surface distance, depth, and sound path
Sizing the defect with SL value
Correcting the error caused by coved face

H. Real time recording
Record the real time and date of testing

I. Interface
-High speed USB 2.0

J. Auto protect the screen

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